Scott Seymour
Vice President
ISC Contracting

Years at ISC? 31

Total number of years working with O’Toole Design? 18

Main design contact at O’Toole? Michelle, Kim & Debbie

What was your initial project with O’Toole? CHAN in 2001

What was important to you when choosing a design partner at that time? Working with a company that understands the construction process and that it is different with every client.

What attributes does O’Toole have that made you decide to continue to do work with us? Understanding the importance of having a “Team” approach on projects. They appreciate and welcome input from all team members. All of the O’Toole Design Team members are knowledgeable and professional.

How well does O’Toole meet your needs? Always flexible to quickly provide design and architectural services.

Describe your partnership with O’Toole over the years. It has been a mutually rewarding relationship since day one, attributable by the fact we have worked together with several different clients time and time again.

Additional Comments: Congratulations on a successful 25 years! Keep it going for many years to come!