Justin Reise
Director of Corporate Properties
World Wide Technology

Years at WWT? 23

Total number of years working with O’Toole Design? 7

Main design contact at O’Toole? Kim Johnson

What was your initial project with O’Toole? World Wide Technology Corporate Headquarters – 701 Fee Fee

What was important to you when choosing a design partner at that time? Someone who could bring a new mentality and vision to our space in order to break us out of last generation standards. Someone who could show us something new and innovative and push us for the change we needed.

What 3 attributes does O’Toole have that made you decide to continue to do work with us? 1. A strong relationship and high levels of trust between WWT and O’Toole. 2. O’Toole has learned our quirks and preferences in order to be proactive with designs, resulting in less oversight on our part. 3. The employees of O’Toole share the same core values that are very important to us at WWT, making for a great partnership.

How well does O’Toole meet your needs? O’Toole is our sole design source on a global scale, servicing smaller projects in Singapore and India and beyond, as well as domestically all around the country. They do a great job both from a remote perspective, as well as domestically being able to be on site for those detail oriented spaces that require more attention.

Describe your partnership with O’Toole: Kim and Michelle, and the O’Toole team have done a great job making sure our spaces are exactly what we need! The level of trust we have in them is an important factor in our continuing relationship.

Additional Comments: Congratulations to Michelle and the entire team on 25 years of success! In our seven years of partnership, I have nothing but great things to say. Looking forward to being a part of O’Toole’s next 25 years!