Kim Johnson
Senior Designer & Project Manager

Years at O’Toole Design? 20

What drew you to O’Toole Design? When making the move to St. Louis 20 years ago, O’Toole Design was the perfect fit for me. I was intrigued by Michelle’s drive to create great spaces while simultaneously surpassing the clients’ expectations.

What is your favorite project so far at O’Toole Design? World Wide Technology Global Headquarters – St. Louis, MO

What has been your most creatively fulfilling and challenging project so far at O’Toole Design? There is no one specific project. The most challenging part of my job is navigating different personalities, understanding who the client is and where he or she is coming from. In the end, it’s fulfilling to figure these details out, because it is all about making the client happy.

What 3 things do you like most about working at O’Toole Design? Every day is different, no one project is the same. My co-workers and the camaraderie that we share. And being creative every day of my life.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be? Quilting

Who inspires you? My #1 fan, my husband.

Where is your favorite place in the world? On a lake relaxing on our boat taking in all of God’s beauty.