Did you know that while we create beautiful spaces, we can also create beautiful brands to go with that space? In the last two years, we have added graphic design capabilities to our repertoire, allowing for a broader creative reach. These talents came in handy over the past year when tasked with designing a new brand identity and signage package to accompany the upcoming Kirkwood Performing Arts Center (designed by Jacobs Engineering Group).

While this building – and its corresponding signage package – is still under construction at the time of this blog post, we have already completed the logo, the integral first step to a new brand identity. The Performing Arts Center will be a focal feature in downtown Kirkwood, and we wanted a sleek and sophisticated logo to complement the aesthetics of the building design itself.

Taking inspiration from the building’s key function as a performance venue, the “leg” of the K acts as a spotlight, shining a light on the building name. Muted blues coordinate with the interior theater and the pop of gold anchors the design and ties in with the brassy accents throughout the space, while keeping it sophisticated and modern.

Stay tuned for photos of the final signage package coming later this year!