Michael Staenberg
The Staenberg Group

Years at The Staenberg Group? 7 years. Prior to that THF was around for 22 years.

Total number of years working with O’Toole Design? I’ve been working with Michelle O’Toole and then ODA for over 30 years.

Main design contact at O’Toole? Originally Michelle O’Toole, but is now Debbie Stamer.

What was your initial project with O’Toole? Some office buildings.

What was important to you when choosing a design partner at that time? It’s important they listen, are thoughtful and cost effective to create a project that is exciting and timeless.

What 3 attributes does O’Toole have that made you decide to continue to do work with us? Promptness, Clarity, Communication and (one to grow on) Cost Effectiveness

How well does O’Toole meet your needs? O’Toole meets our needs. We don’t always agree but always come to a resolution and end up with a great product.

Describe your partnership with O’Toole: Partnership has been very good. They are always there when I need them.

Additional Comments: I wish everyone at O’Toole the best. Here’s to another 25 years of working together.