Lisa Bulczak
Sr. VP – Director of Facilities
Midwest BankCentre

Years at MBC? 3

Total number of years working with O’Toole Design? 3

Main design contact at O’Toole? Debbie Stamer

What was your initial project with O’Toole? Midwest BankCentre @ Friendly Temple Baptist Church

What was important to you when choosing a design partner at that time? Competitive pricing is always important but it is more important to find someone you feel comfortable working with and that you know hears what you are saying or asking for.

What attributes does O’Toole have that made you decide to continue to do work with us? Quick turn-around times when needed, flexibility on how we work on projects (i.e. one time it may be an entire project, next time it may be just hourly on some consulting), and they don’t try to upsell me.

How well does O’Toole meet your needs? Responsive, quick turn-around times on plans, and keeps me updated on status of projects.

Describe your partnership with O’Toole over the years. Initially, the original designer and I did not click well.  They quickly changed designers, and Debbie and I have developed a very good working relationship.  She is responsive and understands the complexity of our process.

Additional Comments: Congratulations on 25 years!